Cyber Security e-Learning Cloud-Based Managed Service

Specifically designed for the SME sector, we provide a Managed Cyber Security e-learning cloud-based platform that educates and evaluates staff on cyber awareness, which includes running phishing simulation attacks. The key benefits of our service is that we help:

Ensure your staff continually achieve High Levels of Security Awareness

  • A new 15 minutes Security and Compliance Course every Month
  • Certificates upon completion
  • Users own portal login

Reduce the risk of malicious email

  • Ensuring that spurious emails that slip through your existing IT screening infrastructure are not clicked on or accessed by staff
  • Implement the Phishing simulation campaign (with quarterly business Reports)
  • 3 minute “Golden Nugget” training (at time of error for users to learn – there and then!)

Save YOU time and money by managing the entire process

  • All within a GDPR compliant Processors Agreement
  • Generated reports to monitor compliance
  • The simulated Email and SMS phishing platform was the first company to achieve GCHQ accredited security awareness training by the Chartered Institute of Information Security

We deliver the only behaviour-driven security awareness platform that delivers ‘Real Time’ training to staff!

Our pricing packages are clear, based on a per email/user per month basis, charged monthly and will provide you with peace of mind.

We are giving a 10% “Early Bird” Discount on all prices until the 30th November 2020