Breach Responses

Unfortunately, it is highly likely that every business will be faced with a Data Breach at some point, if they handle or process personal Data. Therefore, it is important to have a policy and procedure in place to deal with such an issue.

A Data Breach covers an array of situations: loss of data, disclosure of data, destruction of data, unauthorised access to data to name a few. It is important that employees are trained to recognise a Data Breach and know the reporting process which must be followed immediately. Every breach must be recorded, but not every breach must be reported. The Data Controller then makes the decision if reporting the breach is necessary. Organisations may need to inform their customers depending on the nature of the breach.


There are big penalties for organisations that fail to comply with data Breach notification rules – an organisation could be fined up to as much as €20million or 4% of their global annual turnover – these fines could have a huge effect on any organisations financial position.

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