Customised Policies and Procedures.

We can review all your existing Policies and procedures, and redraft where necessary, or supply you with new Policies.

Cornerstone to our Policy review/provisions service is to ensure that policies adopted by organisations have a real and meaningful impact on the organisation and help ensure compliance with the GDPR.

It is imperative that the correct Policies and procedures are in place in order to be compliant under Data Protection law. If your organisation processes personal data it must have the correct policies in place – for example – a Data Protection Policy, a Privacy Policy, a Breach Policy and a Data Retention policy should also be in place. There must be procedures in place to deal with a Data Breach and a Subject Access Request (SAR). SAR’s must be responded to within 30 days so it’s important your business and key people know how to action this.

We can also review your Staff Handbooks and any supplier contracts/agreements as part of our service.

Let our experts assist your organisation do this today