Website Cookie Compliance Services

NEW! Website Cookies and Tracking Technology – Review, Recommend and Follow-up Service

  • Need help with ensuring that your website is GDPR and e-Privacy compliant?
  • Want an independent review of your website cookies and tracking technologies?
  • Need a clear “To Do” list from your website design team to Implement?

The current website Cookies regime is in focus and with the DPC rolling-out enforcement measures.  The Data Protection Commissioner has recently issued guidance on Cookies and other tracking technologies, I have attached copies for your convenience.  The DPC have highlighted that out of the 40 websites reviewed, only 2 received a “green” categorisation!  Furthermore the DPC have issued the following warning to ALL organisations that they are been given “a six-month timeframe to voluntarily remedy any issues of non-compliance and, if it [the data controller] fails to do so, the DPC may have to take enforcement action to achieve compliance”

New deadline for website cookies compliance – 5th October 2020

So, from the 5th October 2020 operators of non-compliant website are at imminent risk of administrative fines and being ‘named and shamed’. Websites operators must use the next few months to ensure compliance with the standards set by the Guidance ahead of the deadline.

Data Protection Training and Auditing Services are pleased to announce our new Website Cookies and Tracking Technology Review and Recommend service.  To help ensure compliance for our clients we undertake the following approach to this challenge:

  1. Review existing cookies and tracking technology deployed on your website(s).
  2. Review of existing Cookies and Privacy policy
  3. A list of recommendations will be provided for your website developer/administrator to implementation.
  4. A follow up review is undertaken 3 months later, to assess level of compliance

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We also offer an ongoing Cookie Management Program (CMP) involving both software implementation and periodical compliance audit.

Data Protection Commission guidance and report.